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John & Victoria Manning

The design and creation of the Pavilion Marquees began with inspiration from a wooden pergola and a vision of a barn style marquee, made out of timber to create unique pavilion marquees and offer them for hire to private venues, corporate event venues and festivals.

It all started with a pencil and paper and a small-scale balsa wood model, all the way through to the full scale complete pavilion range. John’s mission is to continue the expansion of the marquees to more states and offer more unique designs in the future.

The Pavilions are built with the highest grade of materials in mind such as aged wood and finishes, stainless steel fittings and structural steel plates and brackets to ensure high strength without comprising the aesthetics of the structures.

Technical information:

All Pavilions come with structural certification, wind ratings and fire rating certificates as this is required for use on public land or commercial set ups. If the Pavilions are assembled on grassed areas, they are anchored down using small earth screws and if used on hard surfaces, they are weighted down at each corner by using ballast.  Please contact the team if you require our certificates.